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We are bippinbits, an indie game developer based in Dresden, Germany.
The 2D pixel art games we make are not limited by any genre.
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I have a deep passion for the unique medium that is games. I am playing since my early childhood, starting on a NES and DOS PC. After getting my first own PC, i started making games with BlitzBasic in 2002. This led me into a career in IT, but i never stopped making games.

I am convinced gaming has a greatly positive impact on people, and is generally underestimated in its ability to facilitate personal growth. Thus i advocate gaming whenever i can, to anyone i care about. I am sure that everyone enjoys gaming, it's just that some people have not found the right games yet.

For Bippinbits, i do everything technical and organizational, as well as game design and production. So roughly speaking, anything that is not pixel art.

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I make pixel art.

We've been a couple since our time in school in 2006, becoming a very stable and well working team over the years. We started making games together in 2011, always scoped too large for our skillset at that time. Only after starting to participate in game jams in 2017 our ambitions became more practical, with tangible paths to actually releasing games that reach our own expectations.

Since we are both avid gamers, we have a long history of playing games together, from Tycoon games over MMORPG's to Coop-Shooters and Boardgames.

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