Games made over the Weekend

We love to participate in game jams and learned a lot making those small games.
The time to make a game for these jams is very limited, 48h or 72h.

Hover over the images to see more information. Click on them to see a gameplay video (if available). You can play all games on


Ludum Dare 44 (2019) - Your life is currency

"This is a brilliantly crafted puzzler that kept me interested and compelled to finish the next level." - a player

"I actually lack words to describe how much I love your game. " - a player

Puzzle game about a cat outsmarting the animals it wants to catch.

98 percentile in Fun



Ludum Dare 43 (2018) - Sacrifices must be made

"Love how messed up you managed to make this. The world on wheels being sustained by sacrifices is a great idea." - a player

Show the villagers your might, convincing them to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of keeping the world moving.

97 percentile in Mood



GMTK Game Jam (2020) - Out of control

"Fantastic job both with the core mechanic and the way you taught the player its subtleties through level design instead of text." - a player

The macrophages need to reach the bacteria. You cannot control them, but you can lay out a path to guide them.

98.5 percentile in Fun



Ludum Dare 38 (2017) - A small world

"The graphics are very unique and unsettling, and the idea is brilliant and fresh." - a player

Take very direct control of your body, expanding and evolving to reach a high age.

99.4 percentile in Innovation


Home Raider

Ludum Dare 40 (2017) - The more you have, the worse it is

"Really gave me the feeling of robbing stuff." - a player

Try to sneak and steal as much as you can, while the growing bag of stolen things make your louder.

93 percentile in Overall



Ludum Dare 42 (2018) - Running out of space

"Impressive complexity for a jam, foolishly so." - a player

Italian restaurant simulator. The complexity of the game resultet in many technical issues and thus our worst ratings to date (70 percentile overall).