Braisgf Room, spanish Review on GEEK SHOW

It's completely adorable and only gets better as you play more of it.[..] A wonderfully easy suggestion to go and play, recommended happily.
Liam Dawe, Review on GamingOnLinux

Overall, Of Mice and Moggies is a creative puzzle game that keeps from getting stale with its build-up of different mechanics. It’s all about using what you’ve learned to progress, without being overwhelmingly difficult. A lot of people will enjoy this level of challenge, particularly logical thinkers.
Chloe Osborn, Review on Rapid Reviews UK

I’ve played my fair share of puzzle games and I never had to think this much and long.
Mikachu, Review on LifeisXbox

Very interesting combination of different mechanics with a very fitting theme. Excellent puzzles, with gentle difficulty curve.
Puzzled Puzzles, Curator on Steam